Cardinal Engineering Ltd. is committed to designing the most efficient and effective fire protection systems.

About us

We are a specialized and agile firm in the fire protection engineering industry. With our team of six we offer; one engineer licensed in BC, AB, SK and YT, three designers, one technician and our office manager. Together, we deliver top quality work that sets the industry standards high with personalized service tailored to each unique project.

Case Studies

Shipyards Lower Lonsdale


A unique project with an aggressive schedule, this project is a central community destination in Lower Lonsdale and won top honours from the BC Economic Development Association. Cardinal Engineering…

Our Lady of The Rockies


The fire protection for the vaulted ceilings and cathedral heights of the new parish, The Shrine Church of Our Lady of the Rockies, consisted of many complex calculations to achieve sprinkler coverage across…



Flow rate and pump efficiency are most important in a high rise tower. They effectively calculate the correct amount of pressure required and the system needed to flow enough water through as many sprinkler…


  • Professional Engineer registered in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon.
  • Society of Fire Protection Engineers member
  • UL Standards technical panel member
  • National Fire Protection Association member
  • Canadian Automatic Sprinkler Association member