We strive to keep material and installation costs low while adhering to building code.

Cardinal Fire Protection Engineering delivers designs that are on schedule, budget, and with minimal installation costs to clients across British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Our professional staff take great pride delivering efficient designs and responsive service to our clientele. Let us work with you on your next project and we will deliver a fire sprinkler design that will be field-friendly and save you money on installation costs.

Delivery of designs, hydraulic calculations, and building schedules fit our clients timetable, signed and sealed by a professional engineer.

Our design team uses advanced hydraulic software which permits the specification of smaller pipe and valve sizes while ensuring a quick delivery of building and occupation permits from the local authority having jurisdiction.

We use techniques such as throttling to control water flow and pressure distribution within a network of pipes. This maximizes the efficiency of the design, reduces pipe and valve sizing, and saves money in material and installation costs which leads to a competitive advantage for our clients.